Area Rug Basics

Kid Essentials® Educational Rugs are perfect for inspired learning centers where creativity and function are of primary importance.  Children can explore, discover, and learn with these high-performance rugs designed to withstand the most demanding educational environments.


  • FIBER:  Fiber is a rug’s basic ingredient and determines longevity and appearance retention.
    • Joy Carpets uses 100% STAINMASTER® Premium Continuous Filament Nylon 
    • Tufted Face Weight: 26 oz / sqyd 
    • Fiber protected with Lotus FX Fiber Shield - rugs stay up to 30% cleaner and last up to 50% longer.
  • YARN TWIST:  Twist dramatically influences rug performance by retaining carpet texture and minimizing crushing.
    • Joy Carpets’ STAINMASTER® fiber is high-twist and heat set for maximum resiliency and abrasion resistance. 
  • BACKING SYSTEM:  Backing serves as a rug’s critical foundation providing dimensional stability, strong tuft bind, delamination protection, and antimicrobial protection.
    • Joy Carpets’ SoftFlex® backing is tightly woven and specifically designed to eliminate wrinkles and lie flat.
    • Tuft bind and delamination exceed industry standards. 
    • Impervion® additive uses the power of silver to protect against bacteria, microbes, and odor. 
  • DYEING:  The method in which color is applied to a rug dramatically influences its appearance.
    • Joy Carpets vibrant colors are injection dyed at 400 dpi ensuring maximum clarity and fade resistance. 
    • From earth tones to primaries, we have hundreds of color options to compliment the most demanding décor.
  • ENVIRONMENT:   Rugs impact IAQ by the amount of volatile organic compounds released into the air.  Not all rugs are equal when it comes to VOC emissions.
    • Kid Essentials® Educational Rugs are Green Label Plus certified ensuring they have exceeded IAQ criteria and exceed standards established by California High Performance Schools (CHPS).
    • All rugs are 100& recyclable 
  • HEALTH & SAFETYA healthy educational environment enhances the well-being of students and educators alike.
    • Kid Essentials® Educational Rugs are lead and phthalate free and exceed all CPSIA compliance guidelines.
    • Type 6,6 Nylon is caprolactam free - Exceeds California Reference Exposure Levels (RELs). 

Kid Essentials® Educational Rugs will create a comfortable and functional classroom setting while providing lasting beauty, superb durability, and the best value over time.